Puppies & Babies

Pretty much every Christmas since Lewis and I have been together (which is 11 years!) I have asked for a puppy. I’ve always known that my adult life would consist of babies and a dog. The thing is, we had to wait until we bought our own house. 

So when we got the keys to our house, I didn’t manage two weeks before I went and bought a puppy. Lewis was away at the time, although I had consulted him. I was also 10 weeks pregnant.  

I brought this adorable, tiny ball of yellow fur home, and couldn’t have been happier. The realities of house training a puppy were worse than I had imagined. Like anything though, what felt like a lifetime at the time was short lived, and we were soon enjoying lovely walks and trips, just me, Ted and my bump. 

The main problem is, he hasn’t grown out of the puppy stage. He has, however, become an absolute lump of a dog. So when he jumps up on you, he can knock you over. 

For all his oafishness though, he is great with Alice. But there are a few things that I hadn’t thought about:

  • Everywhere is covered in his fur, even if you’ve just hoovered. This means that when she’s having a play on the floor, it’s not long before she’s covered too. 
  • Ted steals nappies. Not used, new. And he rips them apart out in the back garden.
  • He steals her toys, and leaves them in the back garden. She will grab for his toys too. It’s infuriating. They won’t touch a toy if the other is playing with it though. 
  • He licks her. A lot. She thinks it’s the most hilarious thing she’s ever experienced. It’s cute, but Ted gets carried away, and has to be kept in line occasionally. 
  • I can’t take them on walks together, as Ted is too strong for me, but they go on lovely walks with Daddy in the forest!
  • Baby led weaning is Ted’s favourite! When Alice has finished, Ted comes in to clean up. 
  • They like to share cuddles. We can often be found cuddled up in bed altogether. 

In all seriousness, it can be a lot of hard work, especially when Alice is asleep and Ted decides to start crying right by her crib, or the time spent rescuing her toys from his destruction. 

But we wouldn’t have it any other way, and I’m certain they will grow up to be best friends!


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