It doesn’t make sense

So, I’ve heard that labour is pretty, well, laborious. It’s often regarded as one of the greatest feats of the human body, and I’m sure after I’ve come through the other side I will be eagerly joining that chorus (not that I don’t already think so!)

That being said, here’s my question. Why, when labour is such an arduous, all-consuming task, are the 9 months before so draining? It doesn’t make any sense. Surely it would be beneficial to have 9 months of the best sleep imaginable. 9 months of no pain or illness. 9 months where you can walk up the stairs without getting out of breath. 9 months of not looking like a turtle when you roll over in bed. 

But yet we have the opposite. Pregnancy takes a massive toll on your body. I’m at that heavily pregnant stage. Where Lewis has to help me put on shoes, where I waddle instead of walk, where I can’t fit behind the steering wheel of the car, where everything is a monumental task. 

I feel utterly unprepared for labour. How will I possibly birth this baby when today I can barely get out of bed from exhaustion. I would love a good night’s sleep. I crave it so badly that I stress about it, and lie in bed tossing and turning in search of it, which only scares it away. 

When training for a big athletic feat like a half marathon, people often advise that you have a week of rest before the event. A week where you don’t train and your body can focus on storing up energy to get you through. So why not the same for childbirth? It seems like an evolutionary mishap, and frankly I don’t know how the human race has survived. 

I guess this is the part where people say, “It’s so worth it when you have your baby in your arms.” That precious little bundle is so incredible you’re willing to repeat the whole process again, perhaps several times over. 

Isn’t that amazing? I’m counting down the days until I get that monumental high, that hit of all-consuming love, where my world shifts and Baby H becomes the centre of my universe. 

Until then, I will try to sleep. I’ve heard it’s even harder to come by with a newborn!


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