Old wives tales and Chinese calendars

It seems like it has become the norm to find out what you’re having when you are expecting. Everyone else I know that is pregnant has found out, yet Mr H and I have firmly stayed team yellow!

Lewis would have been happy to find out, he’s just in awe that nowadays we have that ability. Every midwife, or other medical professional, I’ve met has been glad that we don’t know. They say it gives you that extra energy during labour as you’ll finally get to find out. 

We didn’t find out because we don’t mind either way. Not that his pupils believe that, or that we truly don’t know! But it’s fun to guess. 

And with our due date quickly approaching I thought it would be interesting to go through some old wives tales and gender predictors to see what they say. 

So, here they are:

  1. The wedding ring test. Apparently if you hold your wedding ring on a thread above your bump, the way it moves determines if you’re having a boy or girl. For me, the ring went backwards and forwards, rather than round in a circle. The only problem is, on one site it said that meant a boy, but on another it said girl!! So not very helpful at all. 
  2. Baby’s heart rate. Apparently if baby’s heart rate is under 140, think blue, if it’s over, think pink. Well Baby H has an even split of over and under, and was actually recorded at 140 bpm at one appointment! So again, tells me nothing. 
  3. Skull theory. The theory goes that boys have larger, ‘blockier’ foreheads, whilst girl’s foreheads are more round. From looking at our ultrasound I guess that would suggest girl, but it hardly seems an exact science. 
  4. Chinese calendar. Google it to find a calculator tool. It’s something to do with the age of the mother at conception and month of conception. According to that we’re expecting a pink bundle. 
  5. Length of time you’ve been married. So the theory goes that the longer you’ve been married, the less you have sex. That means you’re less likely to conceive close to your ovulation date. Apparently female sperm live-longer than male sperm, meaning a female sperm is more likely to win the race. Again, this would suggest we’re having a girl. 
  6. Season of conception. Apparently male sperm may be faster, but they are more fragile, and less likely to survive during the harsh winter and any infections mum might get. Which is interesting as I was terribly ill with flu around the time of conception. So perhaps we are team pink!
  7. Bump shape. Tales say if you carry in front, you’ve got yourself a little boy, and if you expand horizontally, it’s a girl. I’m certainly all out in front, so that would suggest a blue bundle for us. 
  8. Food cravings. Craving sweet? You’re having a girl. Savoury? It’s a boy. I haven’t really had cravings, I think I just crave the things I already loved before which are predominantly sweet. But, going by the theory, that means girl too. 
  9. Mayan method. They looked at your age at conception and the year your baby was conceived. If both are even or odd, it’s a girl. If one is even and one is odd — it’s a boy! Another vote for team pink. 
  10. Morning sickness. If you suffered from morning sickness that means you’re carrying a girl, managed to escape it and you’re having a boy. By this theory I’m carrying about 4 girls I think!!

So, ancient theory and old wives tales overwhelmingly suggest that we are about to have a little girl! I don’t think we’ll be rushing out to buy dresses yet though. 


One thought on “Old wives tales and Chinese calendars

  1. Love this….With Lewis I craved sweet bounty bars and savoury tomato soup……just saying. However he’s now proved he’s all male. Xxxx


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